Friday, September 5, 2008

A Blog Is Born

Here it is, kids: blog post the first.  I've gone back and forth on what I want this blog to entail, what I want to convey, and I'd be a big, fat liar if I said I had a cohesive game-plan to execute. But here's what I know:

I've been vegetarian for almost ten years.  I'm very committed to health and wellness and not putting crap in one's body. I also love, love, love to cook.  I have no formal culinary training (yet), but I know that nothing makes me happier than cooking up a good meal or morsel for myself and the people I care about.  I've spent several years reading up on food politics, veganism and vegetarianism, agribusiness and agriculture, and I devour cookbooks like Harlequin novels. That being said, I've amassed a host of ideas and opinions that I want to put out there for anyone, like me, who's looking (not all those who wander are lost!). 

Here you'll find a collection of recipes I've been working on, book and restaurant reviews, news, and my own chronicles as I try to establish myself as a cook and a figure in Boston's locavorious vegetarian community.  Cross ya fingahs fah me!   


TurkishBoyinBoston said...

You have our blessings baby blog!This is such a great idea, and I am sure you'll have great fun blogging. Good luck with your postings..

Nine said...

Those plants and that fabulous woman look familiar to me! Happy Blogging and I look forward to your deliciously bitter-sweet commentary and recipes.

Kevin said...

you said cesqupadallion (sp?)