Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Warmer

My dears, I am very happy to share some pretty rockin' news with you - I've been selected as a guest writer on one of my favorite blogs, Not Eating Out in New York. I've written my praises of Cathy Erway's blog. On top of kick-ass recipes with a green slant, she also documents the DIY culinary happenings in the New York area, along with her reasons for lighting up a burner and, well, not eating out in New York. I answered the call to her readership: to offer up an outside defense of home-cooking.

What an appropriate time for this boost of confidence. My warmest thanks for the support of those of you who check up on my little space on the internet. I know you'll all dig Cathy's writing, too, so if you're not already, get yourself familiar with her site. And a special thanks to her for this honor. Oh, I'm all fuzzy inside now. I feel like I should end this with some sort of toast! So, um... Excelsior! Sure.


Kevin said...

you wrote excelsior? is that a throwback to The Simpsons, or the NY state motto


J'Hab@lavidaveggie said...

Why choose, when it can be both?

You get it.


Merce said...

Yay Jess, congrats! I shared the link to your published piece with Helena and she was so excited for you as well! I really hope we can get together again in mid-late January - I'll be in touch after I get back from TX. Until then, I look forward to your lovely blog posts! xoxo.

Chef K said...

okay, so i started my own blog.

fucking trendsetter you....damn you!