Monday, January 5, 2009

...Stir In Onion Mix And Serve

A steady diet of champagne and chocolate sounds like a really good idea, but after a solid week of inundating my body with sucrose and booze, I'm only too happy to get back on track. I spent Christmas at my mom's house this year, which is, but rife with drama - a lot of it food-related. There's my brother's nascent vegetarianism, my sister's calorie consciousness (she measures shots by the ounce just to take out the caloric guesswork) , my niece's usually healthful diet offset by boundless sea of candy, and my mother's idea of entertainment fare that is firmly rooted in the 70's. I have long since given up any resistance to the annual buffet, and have simply resigned myself to a week of sour cream dips and cookies for breakfast.

Happy New Year, everyone. Pass the kale, please.

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Chef K said...

My aunt seems to think that feeding a male dominated family means nothing but cold cuts and kaiser rolls. I HAVE tog get stoned to enjoy it. Thank god my mom makes decent pies, and me, I work for a living so I try to let some one else do the grunt work. I feel your pain.

I just hammered a blog about decent salad making. Check it out babe.